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Track side projects with ease without using Notion

No need to worry about pondering & forgetting tasks, just add in SmallWins

Managing and tracking side projects can be tricky. Some of the tools which people use in the market for such uses are Notion and Trello. However, Notion and Trello are tools built to go much deeper into a particular project and effectively manage it with a team of people. They are not refined enough for individual use and have enough distractions for people to lose focus. If you are an individual managing multiple projects, it is sometimes easier to use a tool built only for you to solve this case.

  SmallWins is an intuitive task manager for individuals for tracking projects which is much easy, light weight and designed for speed than the existing tools in the market.








SmallWins is built to be super fast, it won't take time to load in low internet environments, while most of tools like Notion and Trello have overheads because of multiple features they provide, SmallWins is blazingly fast.

Keyboard Shortcuts & Gestures

You can quickly switch across multiple side projects, like you switch workspaces on OSX, add the task without  leaving the keyboard on desktop. On mobile you can swipe left or right to change projects while managing & tracking multiple projects. 

Grouping & archiving

SmallWins allows you to put the tasks with different tags to put them in different groups. You can mark them for later to keep you focused on your priorities.


Mark Deep Work & Low Hanging Fruits

SmallWins allows you to mark tasks for deep work or as low hanging fruits, so you can pick up tasks as per your availability. This is very helpful when managing multiple projects as time for deep work and time for completing low hanging tasks are often different. 

Visual Progress Tracking 

Track the amount of work you are putting in every day on individual projects, gives you a birds eye view to understand and decide where to focus in future.  

Work Offline

You can work with SmallWins without internet connectivity as well.


While Notion and Trello are amazing tools but since they try to work for so many different cases, they are bloated, slow and not intuitive to use. For supercharging your productivity while managing multiple projects as an individual, give SmallWins a try.

Quickly change context using gestures
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