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Do Low Hanging Fruits

Do you ponder a lot about having so many tasks on plate that you feel uneasy about them? Are you looking for a task manager solution to help you manage your daily tasks efficiently ? Are you overwhelmed that you are unable to give sufficient time for big tasks?​

You do not need a task manager.

You need a better approach first.

The Approach


Write Tasks to be Done

Taking out time, and writing the tasks you want to do is half battle won. Writing tasks in one place keeps mind in peace, because it is reassuring that nothing is forgotten.  

Find Low Hanging Fruits

Reading each task and marking it as low hanging fruit (something which can be done quickly) or deep work (will require considerable effort) is very helpful.

Just Do Low Hanging Fruits

Doing many low hanging fruits quickly is a good policy to free cognitive space for doing deep work later. Low hanging fruits can be done generally in small time windows (15 min.). When you do many low hanging fruits, you clear your task plate, your mindset changes from "I have so many tasks to do" to "I have a couple of big tasks to do".


Schedule time to do big tasks 

After reducing your task plate to a few big tasks, schedule a time to do each of them respectively. There are much higher chances you would be able to complete them as there won't be any distractions.

We built SmallWins, a task manager to help people do low hanging fruits and help them do things efficiently. If you end up using us, drop a mail to let us know that we helped. 





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