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Accomplishing Deep Work

You may have seen some tasks require a few hours and a significant amount of concentration to complete. These tasks come under the nomenclature of Deep Work. Often significant cognitive bandwidth is needed​ to do Deep Work.

How to make time for Deep Work ?

1. Organise your life, write tasks to be done

To consistently allocate time for Deep Work, you must organise your life. One of the ways is to write down all the tasks to do in a day. Writing something down, removes cognitive load (worry) that the you may forget it.

2. Label tasks requiring Deep Work

You should label the tasks which require Deep Work. This generally helps, by preventing you to pick up, when you are do not have a lot of time.

3. Do more than one Deep Work a day

Make a promise to do more than one deep work a day. This is a good way to start, and helps you achieve consistency.


4. Finish other tasks when not doing Deep Work. 

All other remaining tasks are relatively simple to do. By marking some tasks as Deep Work you have reduced the probability of failure to complete the tasks. Simpler tasks can be quickly completed and now you know which ones are simple. 

We made SmallWins, a task manager to help people get time to do more of Deep Work. You can try to see if it helps you. 





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