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Use Priority Effort Multiplier to get out of indecision

Do you face difficulties in selecting which task to pick up amongst multiple things to do. Traditional ways involve building and understanding impact effort matrix or action effort matrix. 

Here is an easy way to do it quickly without getting into drama  :

1. Give Priority to Each Task (1 highest priority, 5 lowest)

Give priority to each task based on its impact. High priority task should be given 1 as priority.


2. Assign required efforts to do the task (1 low effort, 5 for a lot)

Based on requirement of efforts assign these value. 

3. Multiply Priority & Efforts and Pick tasks in ascending order

You may have realised this by now, its most effective to pick tasks which have highest priority (1) & require lowest efforts (1).  

If you have read 'impact effort matrix' or 'action effort matrix', you will realise that we have mathematically arranged the tasks in the left top quadrant (low effort, high impact) to be done first and then after that either from right top (high effort, high impact) or bottom left quadrant (low effort, low impact). There is a case, to give equal weightage to the bottom left quadrant, as doing these tasks is anyway low effort but it makes decision making much simple. 


SmallWins is a tool to help people to manage tasks efficiently. Feel free to give us a try.



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