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  • Mark Reese

Why should you have your own productivity system ?

Human beings need productivity system to enhance efficiency.

A lot depends on how you manage things, some people do not need one, others do.

What are the key requirements of a good productivity system.

#1 - Should be always on finger tips

What use is of a productivity system, when it is not always with you.

#2 - Should take less

Attention is the currency, your productivity should take minimum attention

#3 - Should be reliable

This comes from basic issue with most systems which claim to use AI, are they reliable.

#4 - Should give insights

Its also important it should give you points where you can improve yourself.

#5 - Should not rule

The system should acknowledge that its a tool for use, and should not push user to use it again and again .

Small Wins is a daily task manager, built keeping these facts in mind.


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