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Notion alternative for task management 

Supercharge your productivity by using a task manager built for task managemenent only

Use keyboard commands to quickly use SmallWins Task Manager

Built with keeping only productivity in mind

Designed with super fast workflows for minimum human interaction

SmallWins Task manager is built to enhance productivity. Use keyboard & swipes simply.

Face Procrastination with data 

Small Wins tracks tasks everyday to keep you charged up

SmallWins Task Manager provides Analytics to keep procrastination at bay.

Wear multiple hats with ease

Context switching is blazing fast, you will feel in control

Context switching is a bitch, but SmallWins Task Manager helps you tame it.

Work across desktop & mobile

Designed to work well across multiple platforms seamlessly

SmallWins Task Manager has an iOS app.
SmallWins Task Manager has an android app.
SmallWins Task Manager works on macOS & windows as a stadalone chrome app or on browser.
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